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Online Pride Book Fair

Hello readers and friends!

This past Friday we had planned to throw a Pride Book Fair in collaboration with the Youth Group at Savannah’s First City Pride Center. The fair would feature more than 50 Middle Grade and Young Adult titles by LGBTQ+ authors.

According to the American Library Association’s...

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Calling All Savannah Dragon Riders!

Iron Flame book cover.

Calling all Savannah Dragon Riders!  

Iron Flame, the second book in the world-wide bestselling Empyrean series by Rebecca Yarros, comes out November 7th! 

Pre-order Iron Flame now (and any merch below) through The Stacks online and we'll deliver it directly to you on release day!

Here's what you have...

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Connecting Readers With Stories

Did you have that one magic moment? The one where you read that one book that changed everything for you? 

Maybe you were one of those kids whose teachers or parents called "a reluctant reader" until someone dropped a book into your hands that opened your eyes, made you feel seen and heard, took you...

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